Published : 22nd July 2010 @ 12:03 by trailcameras
Hello all

We have recently joined the forum and are the importers of the range of Day 6 Outdoors Plotwatcher HD cameras which are designed to keep an eye on your produce, tools and equipment when you are not around.

This small device is essentially a time lapse video camera which will take video footage of your plot or allotment and allow you to see who or what has been lurking around at night.

It is self powered and will take 7 days worth of high quality video footage without human intervention.

It comes with its own software where you can review footage frame by frame, or freeze frame and zoom in for a detailed look at a face or an animals features.

We would very much like your opinion on this device, and a member of your forum recommended the site to us as they bought a trail camera for this very purpose.

I have also emailed admin with a view to providing an info article on these devices should you be interested.

Best Regards

Scott Country
Published : 30th July 2010 @ 12:00 by bearpaws
Yes, I could be interested. Does it have night vision and what's the cost?

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