What You Should Know Before Selling Your Structured Settlement Payments

In 1996, a life changing event happened. Less than a mile from her house, Ashley stopped a red light. Nothing out of the ordinary. A heavy truck, traveling between 45-50mph, driven by a distracted driver, slammed into her from behind. The impact severed her spine, and thus, a quadriplegic.

Her life would never be the same.

It is shocking, to say the least, when someone goes through a horrific accident, the people that come out of the woodwork to get a piece of the impending settlement. This is not a reference to personal injury attorneys and insurance companies. I’m taking about family members, friends, neighbors and co-workers. They call personal injury attorneys sharks. They are guppies compared to how family and friends behave.

Fortunately, Ashley’s husband was able to shield her from much of the drama, he interviewed and hired a solid personal injury attorney to take his wife’s case. The only fortunate aspect to the accident was that it happened in California. In the state of California, there is no cap on the liability the defendant is responsible for as long as the defendant is a public entity. The truck that struck Ashley was part of the truck fleet of the local public school district. Because of this, and the extent of Ashley’s injuries, the judgment in a trial case would be huge if it went to trial. This gave them significant leverage to get a great settlement without going to trial.

Using the attorney they hired, and keeping friends and family at arm’s length through the difficult process, a settlement was reached. They wanted a fair settlement with a compensation level which was absolutely fair. In the research that he did, Ashley’s husband was able not only get a settlement which would provide for a good life for his wife, even with the injuries she suffered, but he also got her a structured settlement, with inflation protection. Doing the structure this way gave them a monthly payment (periodic payments) to cover all of her treatment and care, as a consistent stream of income, instead of going with the lump sum. Getting the money they needed for her care and well-being is what their sole focus was.

A Structured Settlement Company Was Here To Help

However, even their great planning had a bump in the road. Ashley’s medical equipment, which helped her live at home, began to have issues and new equipment had to be purchased. However, the insurance company would not replace the current equipment, and the cost was far too high. Fortunately, they were able to contact a solid company, DRBCapital, who bought their future payments for the cash they needed to buy the equipment.

Ashley was able to live for several more years, as without the new equipment she would have passed away shortly thereafter. Had they contacted DRBCapital initially, they could have set up their structured settlement to handle these types of issues as they encounter them with their customers. You always think you are going to be fine with X dollars, and then a large expense comes up and it throws all of your planning off.

Checkout these reviews of structured settlement companies and let true experts with your best interests in mind handle your next structured settlement case.

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